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      Our MISSION is to provide quality insurance security and related services to businesses, individuals, and public institutions, and be a dependable long-term steward of the trust that policyholders, shareholders, and other important stakeholders place in us.

      Old Republic traces its beginnings to 1923, although several acquired subsidiaries began operations much earlier. It is primarily a commercial lines underwriter serving the insurance needs of a large number of organizations, including many of America抯 leading industrial and financial services institutions. Its subsidiaries actively market, underwrite, and provide risk management services for a wide variety of coverages, mostly in the general and title insurance fields. A long-term interest in the mortgage guaranty and consumer credit insurance lines has devolved into a run-off operating mode in recent years. Old Republic抯 general insurance business ranks among the nation抯 50 largest, while its title Insurance operations are the third largest in its industry.

      For the beneficiaries of their insurance products and services, Old Republic抯 insurance subsidiaries provide quality assurance of the promises they make. For employees, the Company offers an environment of success in which they can pursue personal goals of professional and economic achievement in the context of our MISSION抯 business objectives.

      Old Republic is one of America抯 50 largest shareholder-owned insurance businesses. It is a member of the Fortune 500 listing of America抯 largest companies. The Company抯 record as a long-term investment compares very favorably within American industry. ORI抯 performance reflects an entrepreneurial spirit, a necessary long-term orientation in the management of its business, and a corporate culture that promotes accountability and encourages the taking of prudent business risks. For the 25 years ended in 2018, the Company抯 total market return, with dividends reinvested, has grown at a compounded annual rate of 9.9% per share. For the same period, the total market return, with dividends reinvested, for the S&P 500 Index has grown at a 9.1% annual compound rate. During those years, Old Republic抯 shareholders?equity account, inclusive of cash dividends, has risen at an average annual rate of 8.9% per share, and the regular cash dividend has grown at an 8.5% annual compound rate.

      According to the most recent edition of Mergent抯 Dividend Achievers, Old Republic is one of just 111 qualifying companies, out of thousands considered, that have posted at least 25 consecutive years of annual dividend growth. Moreover, Old Republic has paid a cash dividend without interruption since the World War II year of 1942 (78 years), and it has raised the annual cash dividend pay-out for each of the past 38 years.

      GENERAL INSURANCE 72.3% 59.9%
      TITLE INSURANCE 16.1% 38.1%
      RFIG RUN-OFF BUSINESS 10.7%   1.7%
      LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE   0.9%   0.3%

      * Before holding company parent & minor corporate service subsidiaries' accounts.